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With a wide range of features including the Red Envelope bonus and many more, our comprehensive online Live Baccarat suite of games offers a top-notch, Macau-esque gaming experience. This is one of the best online baccarat games in India, offering an incredible variety of game types. From our enticing Peek Baccarat to the exciting live game show entertainment of Lightning Baccarat and Gold Wealth Baccarat, to the unusual “dice Baccarat” of Bac Bo and more, we provide the most genuine and exciting Live Baccarat game that you can play online.

The simplicity of learning how to play this timeless game will appeal to new players, and interactive routes and live betting data will help seasoned players stay on top of their game. You can add more excitement and betting options by selecting from a variety of preset and programmable side bets available in our online baccarat games. For those seeking the best online baccarat games in India, our live casino games offer unmatched variety and excitement.

Live Baccarat Squeeze

For those who adore the squeezing routine, this is the best multi-camera Live Baccarat. Every every detail of the game is filmed by more than fifteen cameras, including a succession of enticing close-ups of the dealer performing the crucial squeeze.The dealer will squeeze cards handed to the hand connected with the largest total stake and promptly expose cards for the hand associated with the smaller total wager.

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze

In this version, the players have the ability to manipulate the squeeze. The specially made table has glass panel inlays on which the cards are dealt face down. The player’s screen receives a real-time feed of the card faces from two cameras incorporated beneath the table.The overlay mask and optical filters included in the game’s user interface hide the card faces. To uncover the card value and remove the overlay mask, just click or tap on any corner or edge of each card. Players may feel the distinct thrill of the squeeze with this VIP gaming experience that is eerily similar to Macau.New players may even practice the squeeze without having to put a wager thanks to this direct connection between the player and the cards, which heightens the tension.

Lightning Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat is a special version of a well-known casino game that features RNG-based Lightning Card multipliers in every game round, giving it an extra edge.Like our multiple award-winning Lightning Roulette, the Lightning Baccarat game has an exciting user interface and is set in a gorgeous black and gold Art Deco setting.Random payment multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 8x are added to each Lightning Card, which are randomly created from a virtual 52-card deck throughout each gaming round.Your total wager will be increased by a 20% Lightning Fee.

Golden Wealth Baccarat

This is the most fun live online version of Baccarat you will ever find!Golden Wealth Baccarat has a fantastic pot that can be experienced in augmented reality, all in an attractive environment with a lovely VIP vibe.When you place a wager, a 20% Golden card charge is deducted. Every gaming round has five Golden Cards, and each one can attract a randomly created multiplier of two, three, five, or eight times. Your prizes are increased by the number of matching Golden Cards on the hand if you win.

Speed Baccarat

Are you looking for the most thrilling gaming experiences and the best betting opportunities? Then Speed Baccarat is the Live Baccarat game you should play online!Speed Baccarat is, as its name suggests, a quicker version of our regular Live Baccarat game in all of its variations.A normal Baccarat game round lasts about 48 seconds, but Speed Baccarat moves much faster. Each game round is over in an exciting 27 seconds, cards are dealt face-up, and results time is kept to a minimum.

No Commission Baccarat

That’s precisely what No charge Baccarat is: a real-time online Baccarat game where there’s no 5% charge due when the banker wins.The Banker scores six, in which case you and the other players receive a payout of 0.5:1, or half of your initial wager.The Super 6 insurance side bet is an added thrill. In the event that the Banker receives a 6, you will receive a 15:1 payoff.

Peek Baccarat

With the thrilling opportunity to “peek” at one, two, three, or even four cards while playing, Peek Baccarat follows the usual rules of Baccarat but gives you the ability to raise your stake at any point throughout the game.You have the option to Double or Triple your stake if the card or cards that the “peek” reveals are favorable for your hand. It’s the first time in history that Baccarat offers you the option to change your wager once the regular betting period has ended.Bets on the Player or Banker in Peek Baccarat are subject to a 20% charge.

Salon Prive

Our Salon Privé is a super-elegant, top-end VIP atmosphere that offers the greatest VIP live gaming experience online. With large maximum bets and greater control at one-to-one, single-player private tables, your most discriminating and high-wagering players may enjoy the finest in live gaming here (subject to minimum bankroll restrictions).Upgraded VIP room service features include a room manager on duty round-the-clock and buttons that let the player choose the dealer, shuffle, and speed of play (Spin Now and Deal Now).

Dual Play Baccarat

There is no greater confluence of land-based and internet gaming than this. The same games may then be played at the same table by seated on-site players as well as an almost infinite number of extra online players from anywhere in the world. With the quickest and smoothest Dual Play Baccarat solution available, you are sent directly to the gaming floors of some of the most recognizable casinos in the world, where you may compete against players who are on-site.

Baccarat Multiplay

With the help of our user-friendly Baccarat Multiplay feature, you may wager at all of our Live Baccarat tables simultaneously without having to join each one individually.A miniature betting grid, your selected route, and a film will all be visible on each of our Baccarat tables.Finding the table with the longest streak is simple using Baccarat Multiplay. You have the ability to design your own streak pattern. You may arrange the tables in your preferred order based on the route with the longest streak by just clicking a button.

Fan Tan

Although Fan Tan isn’t really a Baccarat game, many Baccarat enthusiasts love it for its Asian charm and traditional bead game of chance.This gorgeous and lovely game is simple to learn and play, with its foundation being the neat arrangement of bead lines. Beyond its simplicity, though, is a plethora of optional bets and live betting statistics that offer even more excitement and intrigue.You are placing bets on how many beads will be on the last line of beads at the conclusion of each gaming round, much like Fan Tan players have done for ages. Are there going to be one, two, three, or four beads?

Bac Bo

Our exclusive and sophisticated “Dice-Baccarat” game, Bac Bo, allows players to win with the greatest total while maintaining the possibility of a “come from behind” victory.With numerous similarities to Baccarat and a fantastic Tie bet that pays up to 88:1, Bac Bo is a fascinating, all-new dice game designed for gamers seeking non-stop excitement!Rather than utilizing cards, the Player’s and Banker’s scores in Bac Bo are calculated by adding the two dice, which are mechanically shook in four separate shakers—two for every hand. Both the Player and the Banker roll a pair of dice, and the two numbers that come up are added together. The winner is the highest two-dice total.

Dragon Tiger

Relatively new to the world, it’s sometimes referred to as a two-card variation of Baccarat.Numerous Baccarat fans adore this straightforward game. All you have to do is wager on which of the two contending cards—the Dragon and the Tiger—will come up highest or if the deal will end in a tie.The tie bet pays 11:1, regardless of suit, while the suited tie bet pays 50:1. These are the two eligible side bets.Detailed data and Baccarat-style highways to aid in future round prediction enhance the sport.


Live Baccarat Squeeze is a thrilling version of Live Baccarat where the dealer squeezes the cards, creating suspense and excitement. The dealer reveals the cards for the hand with the largest total wager first.

 Lightning Baccarat incorporates random Lightning Card multipliers, adding an exciting twist with potential multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 8x to each Lightning Card drawn during gameplay.

Golden Wealth Baccarat introduces augmented reality elements and Golden Cards, which can multiply winnings up to eight times if they match the hand’s cards.

 Speed Baccarat is a fast-paced version of Live Baccarat, designed for players seeking quick rounds and immediate results, with each round lasting just 27 seconds.

Salon Privé offers a high-end VIP gaming experience, featuring exclusive tables with large betting limits and personalized services such as choosing the dealer and controlling the game speed.

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